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Marketing Vacant Apartment Units

Marketing a vacant property is a critical part of property management. The longer than unit stays empty the more money you lose. Don’t just stick a sign outside and expect a wave of desperate renters. You have to work for it. Here’s our Ali Safavi Real Estate tips for marketing your vacant units.

Don’t Lie

Often on a first date we put our best self forward and try to hide any imperfections. On a real estate first date this is a terrible idea. Renters hate feeling mislead or lied to. If there are issues with the apartment be honest about it. Hopefully you are attempting to fix it. Whatever the imperfection is, just make sure you list it in the ads. It does you no good to have people look at the apartment if they’re just going to turn around and walk out the door.

To this end, you should post around 20 photos. There’s nothing worse that visiting an apartment that looks nothing like the 4 photos that were listed. Again, don’t try to only photograph certain angles.


The future is here – so best to not still market like it’s 1995. VR video and walk throughs are the new norm. Investing in this technology can save you money in the long run. Go through each room and describe the features. Don’t over talk. It’s not a one man or woman show.

Just The Facts

Unfortunately renters probably won’t care about your linguistic eloquence. Words like beautiful and stunning and cute are all overused and ineffective. Instead, offer tips about what size couch, tv, bed, rug would work in the space. The more specific you are the better chance the perfect tenant will come walking through the door.

Word Of Mouth

If you have your own social media – use it – but don’t abuse it. In a city like LA there is always a new crop of people coming in looking for suggestions on where to live. A post once in a while updating followers on available units couldn’t hurt. Friends of friends are often the most responsible tenants you can find.

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